Tifo Magazine Launch Party - Open Invite To Nycfc Supporters


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Mar 27, 2014
Rego Park, NY
A friend of mine is a part of Tifo magazine and they are about to launch their second issue and they are having a launch party.

Their magazine is devoted to fan culture. Not the teams or the players, but us, the fans.

He wanted me to extend the invite to the NYCFC supporters. I believe the Empire Supporters Club will be represented as well as the Sons of Ben, Borough Boys, and Impact Ultras.

I think it would be great if we turn out in full voice to show the rest of the supporters what we are made of.

So check out Tifo Magazine on Facebook, Twitter (@tifomagazine), Instagram (tifomagazine) and their website (tifomag.com).

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/497567507035479/

Btw, I'm not associated with them. I'm just putting up the launch party event on Facebook and just giving my friend a little plug.
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Yessir, after the CL Final, which by the way the guys at Tifo are trying to do a little viewing party for.
The event went well. As you can imagine it was to promote Tifo Magazine and to allow supporters of soccer to mingle over drinks.

It had a cocktail party at an art gallery feel rather than a drunken night out at the pub.

It was held at a small events space in the lower east side and there were prints of photographs from the first two issues hung on the wall (giving it an art gallery feel).

Additionally, copies of the magazine where available to read and look through and promotional freebies like bookmarks and stickers were strewn around the room.

The magazine and their scarf was on sale as well.

As for the mingling part of the evening, I spoke with the chief editor about football culture in NY, I let him know about our new name, and some of the challenges we face.

He mentioned having contact with the board and nothing materializing from it. My friend who is part of the magazine and good friends with the editor so I let him know that I can be his contact and keep him up to date. He seems interested in chronicling the "organic" growth of our supporters group and supporters culture.

Moreover, at the party I spoke with a Chicago Fire supporter that made it out to the event and he told me about some of their internal politics.

All in all I thought it was a good event, a lot people seemed to be hyped about NYCFC.
Well some of you guys in the board mentioned to me a potential skype meeting during the 5/17 meeting.

The editor mentioned the skype meeting as well.