Wolf Of Wallstreet Chant!

I like it. (The implications of using a "Wall Street chant" might not look good on us, but we decide what's good and what's not.) It definitely has potential to sounding amazing!
Yea, I'm done with the who might be offended by what. Everyone can be offended by everything right now. It's a movie (a kick-ass one at that). Wall Street is in New York. It's part of the identity... I like it. I'm still going to push for Do You Hear the People Sing though LOL.
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If you sing the Oo-oo part the same way they do in the movie and then say NY - C - FC (in order like I have above) followed by an extended ooooo (like in he movie) it sounds pretty amazing and would be unique to us. Plus it has a good flow so you can keep it going.
You would have to change it. I included the video just to show how the oo-oo sounds like. So you do a short ooo then the NY a short ooo then the C a short ooo then the Fc then a long ooooo (just like in the video) then repeat in rhythm.
Guys, I'm the one who thought of this and @NYCFCForums made me aware he mentioned it on the forums and it was well received. Happy to know you guys like it. I imagined doing this chant right as the first whistle sounded, it would be incredibly intimidating to the other club if the entire YS was doing the chest thump chant. Whether or not we put "NYCFC" in it or not, I'm down. Glad you all like it. I'm really excited to get to the first match.
Numz15 Numz15 @lawson I think we should try this and see if we can get it to catch on. I can't because I am completely deaf to how it goes.

Haha I thought I made it as clear as possible in the first thread.

In the video they do the chest thump (not necessary) and say OO-oo followed by a cawwww! Instead of caww right after that we scream N-Y!!! Then again OO-oo and scream Ccccccc and again OO-oo and scream FC!!!!! Then a long OO-Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo and last two oo-oo go back into the chant starting at N-Y!!! Again.
Oo-oo Ccccccc!
OO-oo FC!!!
Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-Oo-oo NY!