21+ Busses To Away Games.

W. Kyle Hansen

Jun 10, 2014
Does anyone know if any of the supporters, or any other groups or individuals are setting up buses that season ticket holders can sign up to take to away games with other NYCFC supporters? I have been on the Timbers supporters bus before when they took it to Seattle and it was awesome.
I'll have to surf around to find the link, but I'm pretty sure The Third Rail already stated they will put together buses for certain games........DC, New England, Philly, etc.

When it comes to matches at Red Bull Arena or venues far away like Chicago, you're on your own regarding transportation.
Yeah they have been setting up busses to east coast away games. They have even set up a train ticket allotment for the game in Montreal! Ten hour ride haha.
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I took that AMTRAK ride back in 1980 when the Cosmos were up there to play the Manic. It really wasn't that bad of a trip (as long as the bar car remained open).

Montreal was a really nice city to visit (I'm sure it still is). Olympic Stadium was a total shit hole. Is that thing still standing?