Best Twitter Accounts For Nycfc News


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Mar 23, 2014
What are the best sources for news and updates? Which are your favorites?
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Nick Chavez @nickchavezMLS
Dave Martinez @empireofsoccer
They have been good on pending trades/news, etc.

The national writers like Grant Wahl are good follows, they have been covering us recently.
Taylor Twellman and Alexi Lalas are great for general MLS news.

Great list. Would also add @ESPNFC and @hudsonriverblue.
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As for the players, they are hit or miss. Some use it as a marketing account, (unfollow) or just post family things. David Villa just puts pics of his family or things in spanish. I can' find McNamaras twitter, that would be a must follow
Ben Jata was involved with Third Rail, but doesn't appear to be anymore. Not sure what happened there - may have bailed after the Lampard charade.
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