Daily News: Ronaldo's Agent Hints At A Mls Move In 2018....


Mar 23, 2014
While the league was suffering a serious PR blow with the news that Frank Lampard would extend his stay at Manchester City instead of joining NYCFC, Ronaldo's agent threw MLS a bone by hinting that his superstar client could finish his career in the United States when his Real Madrid contract expires in 2018.

Blasts Lampard throughout the piece, too.

I doubt Ronaldo would come to NY, the weather isn't to his taste. He'd go to LA or Miami (if it's up then)
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Definitely see Ronaldo as an LA or Miami type guy as well. With that said, in 4 years I don't see him coming to the MLS yet, although I do see him here someday.
I think the only club that could get in the way would be Manchester United...

He'd be 33 in 2018. It would be an excellent time to come as a whole bunch of new MLS stadiums will be opening right around then as well as new teams. 2018 will be a big year for MLS.
He will absolutely come to MLS. And I think he plays for NYCFC of RBNY. Depends on the money being thrown around.

He loves NYC. Loves it.
He wants media attention and you're not going to find that anywhere bigger than in New York, so NYCFC or RBNY seem to be the top options, if he actually goes to the MLS. But I agree, CFG will want him to play in Manchester until he's "prepared" to play in New York.
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How much would it cost to bring him here? I'm talking salary. I don't remember what Beckham made, but I know he had that trigger in his contract to purchase an expansion side.
Beckham's contract was $4M, Kaka is being payed $7+M. With the league expansion, which means the league (and certain clubs) have more money, and considering Ronaldo's age, I'm guessing somewhere between $12-15M
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The problem I would see is that CFG would make sure Ronaldo would go to City for some time before he comes here, which wouldn't be able to happen because of Ronaldo's allegiance to United.
I would be he'd be off to LA anyways.
I think FFP and his love for United will stop him from going to ManC.

I could see Sheikh Mansour telling him to name his price to get in a New York jersey, could work.
The battle for his signature will be fierce.

I have to believe NYCFC, LAFC, Atlanta, LAG, Miami, Toronto, Seattle, DC, and maybe RB will all try their luck...
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