Favorite player?


Mar 23, 2014
Charlotte, NC
This doesn't have to just be from the MLS or from BPL, but who do you admire as a player and why? Obviously there are players that are respected and those that are not, but coming from you, who is your favorite player currently?

To start things out, I would say that my favorite player would have to be Paul Pogba from Juventus. Although he is young, he is starting to perform like nobody would have expected. He holds up his image off the field and is a superstar on the field. Easily one of my favorites because of that and he is just such a good midfielder that many people can respect.
My favorite player is Xavi. He is the mastermind in midfield, the engine that makes them run. I admire the way he controls the tempo of the game with his passing. He is a Barca legend and one of the greatest midfielders of all time.
I'd have to say Vincent Kompany. This man will be immortalized by City. He's the definition of grit and determination.
I've never seen someone play the game and give every single ounce of energy in every tackle like he does.
Absolutely no doubt my favorite player is Alessandro Del Piero. His goal against Germany in the 2006 World Cup semi-finals was what made me fall in love with him, that was also the first soccer game I ever saw. He is an absolute team player, extremely modest and a great person who does a lot of charity work and he is notorious for donating large portions of his salary to cancer research every year. He is the reason I'm a Juventus fan and he's the main reason I fell so in love with the sport
Steven Gerrard. He's played the game right his whole career and will be immortalized as one of Liverpool's greatest players of all time