Hello From Manhattan


Jul 27, 2014
Hello all, I'm Oscar. I'm a life long Mets/Jets/Nets fans. I've watched soccer from 2008. Started watching the EPL, La Liga, and Serie A. Eventually I just mostly watched the EPL and took to liking Man City. I also started watching the MLS and tried to follow the Red Bulls. I'd be lying if I said I didn't really like them, but I always yearned for a team that was based within the 5 boros. Always hoped that the rumors of the Wilpon franchise would come true, but after the whole financial troubles they had it was obvious that it wouldn't be possible.

When NYCFC was announced as the 20th MLS franchise I was so excited since they were being backed by Man City. The fact that the Yankees are also part owners isn't such a big deal for me since most of my family are Yankees fans and I don't really hate the Yankees. Really looking forward to seeing the team take form and get on the pitch.