"history Of The Third Rail" Chapters 1, 2, And 3 By Nick Chavez

3 pieces I wrote about the Third Rail, documenting the NYCFC supporter club's history from the very beginning (The first-ever meeting with TRSC Presdient Chance Michaels) for soccernewsday.com. Leaving it here for posterity/convenience:

History of the Third Rail, Chapter 1:
"NYCFC Supporters’ Group Begins to Grow:
The group explored its goals and identity as it embarks on making American soccer history":
"With NYCFC they (The Third Rail) have this extraordinary opportunity, and in the great city of New York, with this ambitious and wealthy ownership group, and with the continued growth and investment in MLS, they can realistically dream of also eventually being one of the great soccer clubs in the world. Here is New York City’s soccer fans’ chance to build a globally-relevant football institution, like those revered around the world, from the ground up. It’s a rare opportunity to really start an important chapter in American soccer history."
Link: http://soccernewsday.com/usa/a/1675/nycfc-supporters-group-begins-to-grow

History of the Third Rail, Chapter 2:
"NYCFC Supporters Club Paints the City Blue: NYCFC’s first supporters group continues to grow rapidly, organizing and sharpening its focus as their club’s debut season approaches"
"This is what the future holds for the diverse pool of NYCFC supporters present and yet-to-be; a fascinating “E Pluribus Unum” culture of New York City’s soccer-mad community. It’s a tapestry of unrivaled multi-cultural richness that only New York City can provide, united in support of their local football club New York City FC, that has finally arrived, and not a moment too soon for these rabid football supporters."
Link: http://soccernewsday.com/usa/a/1804/nycfc-supporters-club-paints-the-city-blue

History of the Third Rail, Chapter 3:
"NYCFC's Third Rail is already thriving: New York City FC’s only officially-recognized supporter’s club has already shown impressive leadership and growth in early NYCFC supporter culture "

"They (TRSC) have shown New York City that the passion and participation that they see and admire for their beloved clubs on television, or in the stadium when they take in live football on foreign soil, can be enjoyed and developed authentically here in the world’s greatest city, supporting the club of their home, amongst fellow New Yorkers of various origins and cultures."
Link: http://soccernewsday.com/usa/a/1920/nycfc-s-third-rail-already-thriving

Hope you all enjoy them!