Jono From The Uk (via Sf)


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May 20, 2014
SF now, NY soon!
Hi everybody!

I'm Jono, and I just put down my deposit on two supporters section season tickets for me and the mrs. I'm a Brit that moved out to San Francisco last year for 12 months before moving to NY permanently this coming September.

I've spent all 27 years of my life as a Wolves fan in the UK (a pretty depressing yet addictive pastime) and Scotland as my national team. I'm proper excited about having a team to follow in the MLS. After having spent time living in Boston, it'll be nice to be a fan from the start of a team that's not hated in NY.

Things that have me excited about NYCFC -

1) The Jason Kreis profile and the idea of having a footballing philosophy from the start - I've got a feeling we're going to see some of the best youth players in the world coming through our system.

2) I talked with a ticket rep this morning said everybody with a deposit to date is guaranteed a ticket and they should have the supporters section updates confirmed by end of the month.

Looking forward to many a day in the supporters section with all of you. I've got barely a year to think of as many rude things that rhyme with Red Bull as possible.


Great to have you on Board Jono! I was told by the VP of the NYCFC Supporters Group that the supporters section would be behind goal in the left field of Yankee stadium. Many of us will be in the supporters section as part of the soon-to-be-named supporters group. So we'll be looking forward to meeting you and chanting obscene things referencing the red bulls.
Welcome to our community Jono! We already are the most hated soccer/football club in New York, maybe the whole country(??) so that's out the window :D