Let's Try This Again

Kreis The Redeemer

Apr 29, 2014
I guess my first thread got lost in the shift to the new server. Oh well. Anyway, my name is Andrew, Andy for short. I'm from Bay side, and I've been meaning to join a forum like this for a while. I just joined twitter, never got into social media before, so if you want to follow me, my twitter name is KreisDRedeemer. Can't wait for next year and all the years to come after that. Come on City.
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Hey Andrew! Sorry about that boss. Everything's good from here on out. Loving the name.
Great to have you here man.
Fellow Queensman here! Flushing is where I currently call home.

If we had a contest for best username, you would win it.

Thanks for joining, feel free to poke about the various sections. If you feel like getting pissed off for no good reason, head over to the Warzone!