MCFC's Goals with NYCFC


Mar 21, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana
Since NYCFC was announced, I've seen a lot of speculation about what MCFC is hoping to gain from the arrangement. I've seen some people say they want to expand their brand in the US. Others point out the loans from the MCFC academy system and say it's primarily about development of their players. I've also seen people say they just want in on MLS's money to fund their own signings. So what do y'all think? One, the other, or a combo?
MCFC attempted to acquire Sydney's club as well but it was rejected.
It's all about expanding the brand. You do that and it will funnel more money to the club.
If it is for development, great, we stand to benefit from that. But the goal will always be to win. If we are loosing consistently because of MCFC sending under developed players people will catch on and not attend. I guarantee you that the goal is, under any circumstances, to win. Regardless of any other motives and intentions.
I'm not worried about that relationship at all.
Yeah I heard about that on XM (Sirius FC) but didn't read about it.
I knew they weren't able to get Sydney but didn't remember the club they did buy. Thanks for the article!
Yeah I heard about that on XM (Sirius FC) but didn't read about it.
I knew they weren't able to get Sydney but didn't remember the club they did buy. Thanks for the article!

The Heart have actually been playing quite well since they were taken over (I wish I could say it's related but nothing has changed over there since the takeover) and are playing quite entertaining football. It's murder to watch the games in the UK - 4am and 6am kick-offs - but for USA-based fans it might be more practical (especially those based further west). Still a late night, but better than missing out on a night's sleep entirely.
I'm a little curious about expanding the brand. I love that they made the crest for NYC and not a Manchester NYC version, but it certainly detracts from the goal of advertising the brand of MCFC. My hope is that they're taking a long term view, by getting people in NYC and the states attached to these developmental players as they play in MLS and that those fans then follow them as they move up into play in the EPL.

And of course, those players will get more followers as they win MLS Cups and score goals.
You may have missed this:

But yes, they tried for the two Sydney clubs first.

Almost, they tried to buy Sydney FC but was rejected by the owner. They where offered WSW by the league itself but declined as WSW was way out from the city centre and the CFG (City Football Group) idea is to have a small stable of inner city top teams.
As for why Melbourne Heart I suspect that the Etihad President James Hogan might have had some influence there as he grew up in Melbourne :D

What the goals are?.. I´d say that NYCFC got the same goals as MCFC at a guess and that takes us to an earlier (2009) interview with in Abu Dhabi.

"..The kind of investments we are making today will pay their own dividends over time through the Club’s performance. That will be its own reward.
We continue to be very clear in regard to our expectations and ambitions: We are competitors. We are here to win and to build a club that will be in a position to win trophies. That said, we know that will take time, and this is where a patient and pragmatic approach is essential. We know what we want and are very clear on our internal targets"
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To me, this is a brilliant move by the City Empire.

I keep trying to explain it to any doubters that think this is Chivas 2.0 as "Why would you want to own the Yankees and their farm team, when you could own the Yankees and the Red Sox?"

Chivas was too stupid to see the tremendous property they were sitting on. Someday, Guadalajara fans are going to look back on Vergara and the fact that he let an LA club slip right through his fingers and hate his guts for it. I think some day, a day not too far away, a well-run LA club will absolutely dwarf the value of Guadalajara.

I think City understands this though. I think they see the growth in MLS, they see the league structure and they know that getting a club in a city the size of New York will be worth stupid amounts of money down the line. Reading twitter, it looks to me like Red Bulls is really going to become a Jersey club, City will be the city club and Cosmos will probably die....again.

This might ruffle some feathers but I think, in the long run, NYCFC could be more valuable than MCFC.
There are a lot of obstacles standing in the way of NYCFC or any other MLS team eclipsing an EPL team, but if soccer continues its rise in popularity and gets on the level of the Big 4 (and maybe surpasses MLB) then NYCFC will certainly be a very valuable financial property.
The London based City Football Group Ltd (CFG) got a vision where they got a select few really top notch inner-city teams playing in iconic cities as they stated in Australia earlier this year.