Mls And Garber's Roles In This

Tom in Fairfield CT

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Jul 16, 2014
MLS and Garber look like rubes in this whole thing. If they didn't put contract language preventing this when they tempted fate by allowing an arrangement that has just led to the contraction of a club in LA, they are the true morons.

I will still support the team, I love Villa and Kreis, but my enthusiasm is tempered. I will probably drop out of the third rail. I want to have a local MLS team, but this team is looking like a farce.
Garber is going to get exactly what he wants from NYCFC, bottomless funding, superstars on the field and a team challenging for MLS Cups.
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I'm sure they're more interested in the big picture. Its hard to get a stadium built in New York. Very few can get it done. The Yankees and the Sheikh have the money and political capital to get it done though.

Obviously a deal with the devil.
Garber is going to get exactly what he wants from NYCFC, bottomless funding, superstars on the field and a team challenging for MLS Cups.

1) what funding are we seeing exactly? Even Sacramento and Orlando can pay the $100 million for a franchise. Villa was a free agent and Lampard, well he isn't a NYCFC player, is he? They are getting Yankees stadium rent free and they have yet to get anything going for a real soccer stadium (which of course ALL other MLS expansion teams have to have BEFORE they get a franchise). I'll give them a B+ on the training grounds in Westchester. They actually accomplished something! I see MLS bending over backwards for very little in return. Well except several embarrassments after another.
2)Superstars on the field: Kaka is the highest paid player in the league and not a NYCFC player. Villa is nice. But he will be lining up with McNamara, Dunn and Josh Saunders. Superstars? Really?
3)Challenging for the MLS Cup(s)? Seriously? I think Charleston Battery will beat this current squad. The only hope is Kreis won't let slack fly and whips this roster into a team. AND that has zero to do with MC, CFG or Chilean managers.

Or is this just "Garber will get x,y,z eventually" type comments?
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Garber broke his own rules in allowing NYCFC to be born in the first place. A club should never have been allowed to start without meeting all the criteria he first laid down. If he allowed CFG to own the club under that situation shouldn't he and we have all suspected that they would do whatever they wanted regardless of rules?
Yeah, when you compare us with Orlando, we haven't even kept up with tiny Orlando City now that we've given away Lampard for who knows how long...

Even stranger is Orlando has made everything they've done seem bigger than what we've done (except for the jersey unveiling! Surprise, surprise)