MLS Digital Hires Rachel Bonnetta (Bonnetta leaves for FOX Sports in 2016)



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Meh. Eye candy, but MLS online material just went down in actual valuable content. She'll be gone by summer.
Didn't know eye candy was common for MLS site and these other soccer based channels like kicktv

Used to it in spanish channels and other spanish sports shows.
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Somehow I get the feeling she won't be doing that on the MLS site, or at least I hope not cause nothing says dying for rating then eye candy.
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She seems nice, but her Canadian accent is going to wear on me. And why is she wearing a FitBit in these videos?
Gotta admit that I do wonder a bit if she was brought in as a token to the CSA (Canadian Soccer Association) who are quite a bit angry with MLS over the rules for Canadian players.

The part where she looks back at the USA scarf and covers it with a TFC scarf got me wondering...
I googled Rachel bonetta since me and some friends were group chatting about the election and she cane up some how. One of them didn’t know who she was and when the image results came up this thread was at the top hahahaha
Just saying MagnusPax MagnusPax way off on his prediction.
Wasn’t there a thread that made fun of posts from the early days of the forum?