Need Someone To Set Up A Website


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Mar 18, 2014
also need someone who is good at graphic arts to help out on this also.
i also want a section on our website for some of the chants we will be singing so some of us will need to get together and record them so we can get everyone on the same page.
Honestly, comes at a price.
I've put in well over $500 to get this one up and running.
If you're looking for a blog it's pretty cheap to maintain and run and would cost just the monthly hosting expenses.
Unless you're looking for a custom design which will run you a few hundred at least. It's one thing for someone to design something but the coding and programming are tedious work and most that do it do so for a living and would be hard pressed to donate their time.
A true website though (not some wordpress blog) will cost a pretty penny as everything is done from scratch. Unless you find a nice template to run on. You would need some coding experience when creating pages and posts on a website.
I'd suggest Drupal as this is a content manager, similar to wordpress, but also as close to a true website feel you can get with easy to manage blog structure.
I can do a free website. I've made them in the past but I warn you, free comes at a cost. It will be cheap, and I mean that in a bad way. Best to wait on a website until we have a name and funds to do so