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Apr 12, 2014
Sorry is this has already been covered, but I couldn't find a thread so here goes: A friend asked me what is the nickname for the team? When we win a great match, what will the headline read? NYCFC? City? Again, sorry if I should know this already.
It depends on whether you mean the media's nickname or the fans'. If you mean what you'll read in the press it will probably be "City" most of the time. As for a proper club nickname, the club have previously stated that they are waiting for the fans themselves to create a nickname or nicknames to come into common usage.
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"City" or "the City" seems to be the most common. I like 'the City' since it's what most people around here refer to NYC as and it passively suggests we are the one and only "City" that matters.
I wouldn't be surprised if we pick up the "Yanks," but that's more likely something other fans around the country would call us, maybe as an attempted slight due to the Yankee's propping us up in our early years with their infrastructure.

"City" is easy but will probably be common, and the "Blues" is boring. Hopefully something more creative yet fitting will pop up. I don't want to see anything forced though, I love that we are going to let a nickname grow naturally, like the organic baseball team nicknames of the 19th century.
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The concrete citizens.

In reference to the popular new york city nickname "the concrete jungle".
Some suggestions for you

NYCFC - The Apples (after Big Apple)

NYCFC - The Criminals (Contrast to MCFC Citizens)

NYCFC - Blue Bombers (reference to the wartime American / English Links)

NYCFC - the Nine Eleveners - Supporters with replica shirts could honour that date with the number 911 on the back
I almost always say NYC or New York City. I just drop the FC in convo.
It's the most natural way of saying it. No one says the 'Reds' or 'Jersey Boys'. At best, maybe they'll say RB. Nicknames aren't planned. I've got a feeling 'City' or 'New Yoek' will be the most widely used name.
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