Official Third Rail Logo

Samuel Youn

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May 5, 2014
Manhattan, NY
Proud to present The Third Rail official logo.


Love the fact that NYCFC 'unveiled' it. Further proof that this team is serious about it supporters.

As for the logo, it looks like an Art-Deco styled Electricians Plaque. I guess it's cuz I work in the trades and I see it all the time, but I just can't shake the IBEW association (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers).
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It was designed by @wolffmatt who also appears to be the graphic designer for NYCFC (though not the official club badge designer)

That really is a cool logo and easily identifiable. I like the symbolic effect as well. Trying to find the right words but it has a "powerful" feel to it.
Google 'Art Deco Fist' one of the first images will look very very familiar.
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Who caressssssssss
Most of us don't but with all the talent we have at our disposable within the TR only to have the branding outsourced and then the product being a copy/paste of a graphic easily found online. I just think we can do better.

The font, spacing and choice of coloring is great. I think that alone should be the logo.

It's a design style, every "art deco" fist would look similar or nearly identical.
It doesn't look the same. It IS the same.