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Apr 23, 2014
Hello my fellow City Fans!

I am a former Revolution supporter who had been on the fence for the last year debating making the switch to City. Approximately a two or three months ago I officially made the decision to ditch the Revolution for NYCFC!
First off let me explain how I got into Soccer and the Revs. I grew up and live in Mass, playing soccer and living in a pretty ethnic neighborhood. I was very close to our German, English and Italian neighbors and was very interested in Soccer since I was very young following international games and watching Italian league game that I could not understand. When MLS came around we lived close to Foxboro so my family went to many games a year so I was just automatically a Revs fan since 1996. So after supporting the team and struggling through the early days of the league and watching the Revs stay stuck, left behind by the rest of the league by a neglectful ownership, my passion had gradually evaporated for the Revs. While I still love soccer and basically supported MLS in the dark days simply in the hope for a bright future, I realized the Revs bright future was not near and my interest in the league was diminishing. For the last few years, I have been praying for either the Revs to get serious, or a New York team to come along and be worth supporting.

So why New York? My family is from NY and I am a lifelong Yankee's and Jets fan. So with NYCFC coming along, with the Yankees involved, I took this very seriously and realized it was time to start to consider them. While I did not immediately jump ship as I wanted to see what NYCFC was all about, the decision became easier and easier as the Revs continued to lack behind this offseason and NYCFC was making some great moves. It became clear to me that NYCFC would fulfill many of my desires in a club that the Revs could/would not. First off, I naturally hate both Boston and the Patriots and Love New York and the Yankees. After that, the NYCFC organization has shown so much more ambition and already have a better market presence than the Revs. They appear to have a clear desire to succeed both on and off the field and will go above and beyond to achieve success. Add all of those things up and the decision was easy, NYCFC is the club I have been waiting for!

I look forward to great conversation with you all!
Welcome to the forums boss!
Hope you enjoy your stay here, there are a lot of supporters here that have taken the leap from other teams to their true NYC team.
Great to have you on board and look forward to engaging in discussion throughout the site!
NickChavez is from CT somewhere I think.. Hardcore Real Madrid/NYCFC fan and American Outlaws supporter
No idea where he lives nowadays though.

As for living in Mass it hardly matters, there is a NYC team again and the call to arms goes out to all the faithful regardless of where they live nowadays :cool:
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Any other Western MA or Hartford CT area supporters on here?

I love New England but I don't know how you deal with living up there. Seeing Red Sox fans and hearing about the Red Sox every day would drive me nuts. Haha.
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I love New England but I don't know how you deal with living up there. Seeing Red Sox fans and hearing about the Red Sox every day would drive me nuts. Haha.
It was actually great up until 2004. It was so fun watching and hearing them be miserable! Since then obviously things have gotten a bit tougher but at least I'll be able to enjoy a world-class MLS club while they continue to toil in mediocrity with the Krafts. Unfortunately the Revs have ZERO presence in this market so if I were to try and talk s**t they would be like "huh, Revolution?"