Representing Queens NY!


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Mar 25, 2014
Hey guys! Name's Jerzy... Born in Poland and raised in NY. Lifelong football supporter!!
Can't wait for NYCFC to start tearing it up in the MLS!!! Let's go New York!
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Glad you can join us Jerzy. I'd ask where in Queens you're from but I already know!

Either way it's great to have you here. There's a lot of things going on and ideas bouncing around that'll benefit from your input. Feel free to join in some of the discussions or start your own.
Hey man welcome to the site!
Seems you two know each other.
Got a lot of great thing happening in the next few weeks on here!
Based on his name I'm going to guess Ridgewood. My cousins live there - along with half of Poland these days, it seems. :)
Thanks guys! Glad to be a part of this and looking forward to contributing and getting things done for our club. Also, N nyc tomek , it's actually Flushing, but good guess :)