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Mar 27, 2014
Instead of doing the rant against Country Music, ive decided to do this instead. this is better, trust me.

i used to be on my schools debate team so here's a thing from last year. no creative juices to make something new. if you like this let me know i have like 12 other debate essays.

Resolved: The U.S. government should not require its CITIZENS to have health insurance.


i have several things to say before i talk about the points ive concurred. The resoloution says "the U.S Government". not the mexican, or canadian or even soviet government. The U.S GOvernment. Citizens, that would imply that that there is more than one citizen, obvious i know, however, the problems of the majority outweight the problems of one. LEts begin, shall we?

Its a well known fact that people get sick, hurt, injured etc.Its also a well known fact that all if not most people die. Now, where do they go for help, a hospital. Within this mandate, the public hospitals would be filled up. Where would the people in need go? another hospital, a private one. Thats all fine and dandy but that would cost more money and whole lot more time. (1) The time that is being used finding an affordable hospital could be used on the work front.

Heres another situation leading to the same ending. SOmeone gets sick on the job. His job offers bad insurance and is taking a couple sick days.

If you take people from there jobs, there is less production. Less production means that products are being made in a smaller number. Smaller number of products could equal one of two things: resourcing to a cheaper country, or higher prices on the particular product. When a product has higher prices, thats more money out of Average Joes pocket. Money that can be used to pay for a hospital. SUMMARY: wihtout this mandate, the public hospitals will suffer because of over population.

Without this mandate, the cost will go up for everyones health insurance. heres an example: Costco, a store where items are bought and sold in bulk. A 6 pack of peanut butter can cost 7.00$ there versus 3.00$ per jar in a regular store. The volume discount makes the products in Costco cheaper in the long run. ITs the same idea about health insurance. If more people were to sign up, the cost will go down.

Its in the governments bets intrest to protect us and our needs. We have the military to protect us from a physical threat, and we should have insurance to protect us in a health related threat. Plus, witht the affordable care act, the health insurance would be affordable.

Lets say there was no care act and there was no mandate. Somehwere in America, there is a baby being born. This baby is born with cerebral palsy and cancer.The baby is denied insurance because of the pre-existing conditions. The family cant afford the hospital bills. The baby dies. There was a chance, maybe if the hospital was affordable. Now, if the with the mandate, they can easily afford operations and the baby lives. The government should care for its citizens. If the mandate was to be taken away, more people would die. Do you want to be responsible for the death of a baby?

Another reason why Mandadated health insurance is good is because of its creators, the liberals. (2). The liberals are famous for: social security, higher taxes for the wealthy, diplomacy instead of war, well you get the idea.

yea i know its a bit shit, but its from last year, gimme a break :D
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Nice. Please explain to me why

or how these hideous abominations ever became popular.