So Many Chants Can Be Made To This (this Will Be A Definite)


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Mar 18, 2014

stand up, if you love new york, stand up....etc

I'm pretty sure everyone knows this chant its pretty versatile
Well either there is no tune, or these guys are tone deaf because it sounds awful.

Also, anybody know what justice these people want exactly? It was a tragedy, yes, but do they want someone to be punished? Do they want compensation for the relatives or something? I don't fully comprehend why they are chanting that, exactly.


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They want a bit of all of those things. Basically, when the Hillsborough Disaster happened, it was quickly followed by a police investigation that concluded that the fans themselves were solely responsible for all the deaths. Those who survived, and the families of those who died, always maintained that there were safety issues that were never addressed, which the police and the government basically dismissed out of hand after the police investigation.

Thing is, a generation later there's been a whole new investigation into the disaster, which has concluded that not only were the police in fact to blame for a lot of the deaths, but when they realised how big of a mess up they'd made, and how many of them were looking at the sack or even jail time for their failure to do their jobs, they orchestrated a massive cover-up to hide their negligence.

Because their long-held beliefs have now been proved utterly correct, there's virtually no level of recompense that's acceptable to them. The families want large compensation payments for the preventable deaths which occurred, the fans want the police involved to be sacked and jailed, and the club as a whole want the police and the government to essentially offer an unconditional and unrestrained apology to the club and to the fans. Thing is, because this has gone on so long, and because it's been proven that the police were in fact framing the fans for the deaths, there will always be resentment. No compensation payment will ever be high enough. No public apology will ever be grovelling enough. Short of announcing the disbanding of the Merseyside Police and its reconstitution with an official Liverpool F.C. fan representative as coordinator for match-day policing, I'm not sure that the Liverpool fans will ever feel like justice has been done - and that's not me trying to slander or denigrate Liverpool fans, it's just an indication of how deep and vitriolic the antipathy has become between Liverpool's fans and the police/government. The relationship is basically unfixable right now.
I mean just the tune I'm big saying we should chant justice for the 96 that same tune is used in a lot of chants throughout the premier league like crystal palace chanting to liverpool "three nil and you fucked it up three nil and you fucked it up......"