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Mar 27, 2014
Every supporter section has a name: Liverpool has the Kop, Red Shits have the South Ward...

i propose the supporter section to be named after a battle fought by the 42 infantry division (from new york)
Naming the supporter section the "Marne" after the divisions input into the battle of Champaigne Marne sounds quite nice.
to continue the TR theme, the train yard could be cool. But its going to happen organically. Or whole section could just be refered to as the third rail
I don't feel strongly about this one way or another, but the train yard or rail yard would be fitting (at least for the Third Rail's sections).
There's a lot more to NYC than the subway system. I've also never met a single person that used the system everyday that's ever had a nice thing to say about it either. I just hope the NYC Supporter Culture doesn't become a joke about train related stuff. It's bad enough we're going with the 'we power nyc' gimmick.

Want to have name for the Section? 236 is on the east end (NNE to be more specific) Call it the the East End or the East Side. These are terms that EVERY NEW YORKER would use and not feel silly referring to.

5 pointz?
I'm not going to advocate any particular name, as I think you guys know your city better than I do. I would suggest that a good nickname should be fairly easily relatable to the subject, though. If it's a clear reference to the 5 boroughs, or to the Third Rail railways thing, or to the team's kit colour/location/players etc then great. I like where the Marne idea came from, but that name is only related to NYCFC by several degrees and would need explaining to virtually everyone, which might make it harder to adapt to.

I'm not trying to specifically pick on that one idea, and I will admit that it is clever, but it feels like a more practical name would be one which anyone fan of NYCFC could be told about and they would instantly go "that's a good name, I know where you came up with that from" without having to read this forum to get the logic.

Only my personal opinion, of course. Feel free to disagree.
I think naming it something relating to trains doesn't make sense. There are/will be other SGs in the supporter section, not just Third Rail.
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