Supporters Group? Or Nah?


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
Was kind of wondering with the whole SG name debate going on and so many people on twitter/Facebook doing their own thing, would you even want a SG right now?
Or would you prefer to wait till the season happens and everything come naturally at the games and then go from there.
This is more of an open forum for all NYCFC fans so being here doesn't in anyway label you as a SG member. This is a home for all NYCFC fans from all over the world.
The main issue there is progress has already been made on the legal front and that isn't free. So Chance and whoever else has financially contributed to legal fees thus far (presumably Buckley has also but I know Chance has for a fact) aren't going to just throw away their investment. We have discussed stuff in private recently (myself and Dan) with a slightly more critical eye and it might be time to start asking more questions publicly. Its really hard to be critical (unless you feel total contempt then it should be no holds barred) when you know there's genuine effort there but I've seen slight warning signs for a while now.

One thing that needs to be set up is dialogue with the club that goes "on the record." Once a month a certain number of fans (but kept to a limit of 10 perhaps) meet with the club and record minutes on subjects covering virtually everything. This would be separate from any SC (so its totally different to the club wanting to take a "hands off" approach to organic growth of the SC) though some of the same people would no doubt be involved. Not just obvious issues like stadium, shirt, atmosphere etc but covering boring stuff as well like catering prices. Here's an example which could be any club but just happens to be Newcastle (that came up first for me on google),,10278~3686671,00.html
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Would be great for sure. We do have to take things one step at a time though.
Don't even have an identity yet.
Vinjay Vinjay, that looks like a really good model to follow. How do other MLS clubs do it? Do they have similar forums?

Well if they don't then its about time they do. Can't think of any reason why the club wouldn't send representatives (and it wouldn't be in a bar like SC meetings but within club facilities) though its perhaps unrealistic Pernetti and Reyna may attend. Infact it would give some of the lesser faces on staff more of a face to face presence which can only be a good thing. Have to reiterate again there needs to be dialogue on the record not just informal discussions via twitter. Or casual chat at events like the badge unveiling. Once games start in particular there will be all sorts of areas to cover. Stadium issues, catering, traffic, etc pretty much anything whether its the big or minor stuff.

Whoever runs that NYCFC twitter account (and presumably its not just one person) must have a lot of patience considering the repetitive questions by people who can't do a quick search for themselves. Especially in the era of information overload.