Premier League Fantasy: 2016-2017


Mar 19, 2014
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New players will be added within 7 days of their transfer being completed.
Found that listed under Premier League Transfers.

Could not find anything about players coming in from other Leagues, but I'm going to assume it has to be the same.

P.S. : There are still 2 places open if anyone wants to jump into the H2H League.
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Jul 16, 2014
Queens, NY
If anyone is interested in joining another extremely low-key, possibly very small league, let me know. I am Twitter friends with a gent from London (Gunners fan) and we just set up a so far 2-person H2H that he named Soccer v. Football. His son and a couple of other friends over there might join, and I can add a few persons on this side of the water. With so little time before the season starts and the league locks down I'm not sure how many if any we will get. I would also I'd like to keep it not too imbalanced between US and UK and try to have an even number of people. So if you're interested, just DM me your relevant email address and I'll send invites in the order people show interest up to however many make sense while I coordinate with him in the short time left.