Andres Mendoza [Forward]


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Mar 19, 2014
Queens, NY
Placed on waivers on 5/12/2015

Name: Andres Mendoza
Joined Club: 01/05/2015
Position: Defender
Number: 2
Released: Placed on waivers on 5/12/2015

Acquired from CD Maldonado (Uruguayan Segunda Division). Terms of contract not disclosed at this time.

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In case anyone is wondering why we picked up a player from a Second Division team -- here's an interesting read ( thanks to Ahab_Flanders Ahab_Flanders )

Transfermarkt also has him making 18 appearances in the Ecuadorian top division before the move to Maldonado last year. Strangely it says that he was on loan at Maldonado and was actually sold to us from Universidad Católica del Ecuador, but who knows.
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Hard to tell much from video clips, especially without knowing the quality of the league he plays in, but his positioning seems to be very good, which doesn't depend on the quality he is playing against. Very exciting.
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USAfan6 USAfan6 I do not know anything you dont know but looking at the situation i think hes a likely starter. Consider the situation, Jason Hernandez was benched most of the 2nd half of last season for a terrible san jose team. George John is injury prone and wont be playing until april. Watson Siroboe has never started more than 10 games in a season. On the other hand Mendoza was a full time starter for Universidad Católica during a very good season. If all those facts are right, I think we can assume hes going to be fighting for a starting cb role.
Im channeling my inner lil wayne for a chant for this guy.

"Belleza, Belleza, shittin' on these strikers, call it diarrhea".

I'm putting Mendoza in my starting XI. Granted I haven't seen any training or pre-season games, this is a guy or if nothing else, a player type that Kreis said he wanted.

The trick is finding his partner. I am leaning towards Watson-Siriboe.