Anyone doing MLS Fantasy?


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
I didn't start off too hot but after a few moves had a very good past two weeks.
Ranked 185 In NYCFC League and a whopping 11298 in Overall
I'm another guy who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to this Fantasy stuff. I mean I'm a guy with a lot of fantasies, but they never include anything sports related.......usually they involve Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson and being marooned on a desert island; but I digress.

--388 in the NYCFC League.
--1,127 in the Beginners League.
--21,850 Overall.

Believe it or not those #'s reflect me moving up the table in all 3 leagues this weekend. Oooh boy.
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Of course, I'm still figuring out who of these players are regular starters. Once I get a decent 90 minutes or so out of my players, then I'll move on to figuring out who is actually good.
I started last year and had no idea of any players or anything. You pick it up pretty quick. My team was awful for the beginning of the season (I also used the wildcard way too early), and once I realized what I was doing I consistently scored 50+. This year my team is starting off very slow (DAMN YOU MIKE MAGEE). Currently 14,493 overall.
Hahaha I'm with you guys on having used the wildcard already :/
But I'm learning and picking it up as the weeks go on. Still a lot of time to improve. I've been hurting with a majority of my players having had bi-weeks already.
That's what happened to me. I had three Dynamo players on my roster. They've been good, but they had a bye week and I didn't have any good options to replace them. With a bunch of my players not even seeing the field, I decided that I might as well give it a shot now. I guess we'll see if that was a bad move, but for Round 3 it worked well.
Same here, did it in round 3 and scored 60 points so I guess it wasn't that bad of a decision. My mistake was drafting players which haven't seen the field or were only subbed in.
I went based on most picked percentage, and kind of drafted blindly as I'm not too familiar with the MLS.
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That's exactly how I was last year. It felt so weird randomly picking names and hoping they would get some play time. I love MLS fantasy now, I think it's set up so well. Only thing it needs now is a smartphone app.
yeah I'm doing pretty bad, took some big risks thinking that some players who switched to better teams would preform right away and one out of four worked out haha, I'm ranked 272 in the NYCFC one and 16,132 overall. not my greatest achievement
I'm playing too and doing okay. Currently ranked 600-700 overall. Played last season as well and did very well until I took an extended vacation to Poland and abandoned my team. Ended up finishing 4k or so.
That's exactly how I was last year. It felt so weird randomly picking names and hoping they would get some play time. I love MLS fantasy now, I think it's set up so well. Only thing it needs now is a smartphone app.

OMG YES. How does MLS, which seems to market to tech savvy people not have a Fantasy App?

And why on earth has their Matchday App for MLS Live been garbage?
So with the season ending last night, how did you do?

In the Beginners League I moved up from 1,127 to 604.

In the NYCFC League 388 to 98.

Overall 21,850 to 6,162.

Not too bad considering this was the first time I ever participated in a Fantasy League and I wasn't that sure what to do. I also have to add that I really didn't stay on top of things that much either and I'm sure my moving up in any particular table was probably more due to other people losing interest than any acumen on my part. ;)
I ended 23rd, pending final adjustments. I had to burn my wildcard early, because I didn't know what I was doing when I set up the team and had some struggles with DGW strategy, so I think I had a good start. Hopefully I'll do better next year, but bummed I couldn't sneak in to the top ten to snag one of the jerseys.
I ended up winning the NYCFC supporters league. My highest ranking was 3rd for a few weeks, was even ahead of the guy who ended up winning the game outright.
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Yeah, thanks. Disappointed I ended up out of the top 10 by a single point after being conformably in it for what seemed like most of the season, but that's what happens when there aren't autosubs to bail you out sometimes. I tried my absolute best but I just couldn't stay on top of every lineup, every time. Made some questionable captain choices and had some bad luck towards the end (also missed some sub opportunities), but once I figured I was going to win the supporters league, I wasnt too bothered about finishing top 10.

I definitely recommend it especially to those new to the league, it's a fun way to learn. Best of luck to everyone next year.

EDIT: just seen the final table and apparently I just did manage to squeak into the top 10, tied on points. Tough luck to the other guy, no idea what the tiebreaker is.
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