Chris Here


Mar 20, 2014
Hey everyone. I'm out here in Chicago (moved for work), and i'm a die hard Yankee fan. Once I heard the Yankees were on board with NYCFC, I was a fan. Probably not the greatest reason to be a fan, but hey, i'm here! Also, with the constant gaffes by the Chicago Fire front office, it certainly doesn't make it hard to find a team worth lending my MLS fandom to.

A lot of my good friends out here are also big time MCFC supporters (Not me, but they're good people haha)

Looking forward to next year! Will hopefully meet most of you when NYCFC invades Toyota Park
Hey Chris welcome to the site!
Glad to have you here. I'm also a supporter outside of NYC, Tampa myself.
This club is drawing a lot of supporters from all over the place because of their connection to NYY and MCFC.