Chris Wingert [Defender]


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Mar 19, 2014
Queens, NY
Placed on waivers on 1/30/2016

Name: Chris Wingert
Joined Club: 12/10/2014
Position: Defender
Number: 17

Acquired via Expansion Draft from Real Salt Lake - 10th selection

MLS Stats:

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Asked him what he was most excited for and he mentioned playing in Yankee stadium. So might not be such a bad thing after all. Seems like it might appeal to a few of our players.
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Here is the entire Q&A Chris Wingert had on Facebook today. It took a very long time reformatting for the forum so I apologize if anything is messed up.

Stephanie Boston:
No question, just wanted to say thank you for your years with RSL. You are a true professional & all around good person. Best of luck. You Will be missed.

Danielle Wiker Nielsen:
How much do you miss Utah and RSL already?! What will you miss the most? I will certainly miss watching you at the games, and I still plan on wearing my "Wingert" jersey! Haha.
  • Chris Wingert: Thanks so much Danielle! I miss the people the most, that's a no brainer! Appreciate message
Dustin Troutman: It is said that we the Americans are not born into playing football "soccer" that this is something we don't live buy and thus we are not worthy competitors when put up against the rest of the word so sir are we the USA a force to be recognized. Your thought and thanks for your time with RSL
  • Chris Wingert: Of course, as kids, we aren't surrounded by only soccer, like the rest of the world. With that being said, more american children are playing soccer than ever before and our league and our country are way beyond where we have been in the past.
Adolfo Ruiz:
Good luck in NYC we miss you already
Pj Murray
I'll be back on Friday night from Orlando. I don't have your #
  • Chris Wingert: oh nice! we should def try to meet up. i have yours i think, i'll give you a shout when i get in
Travis Hopkins:
Which NYFC teamate are you most excited to play with (ned excluded)?
  • Chris Wingert: no one in particular, just excited to meet all the guys and get started. i know many of them already of course, but will be great to get to know the guys i don't
Casey Covieo Booth:
any chance you would do a meet and greet next time you are in town?
  • Chris Wingertin SLC? not sure if I'll have time to do that in May when we come in to play RSL, but maybe sometime in the future smile emoticon
Pj Murray:
howlong you in Tampa for?
  • Chris Wingert: Yo boss! be there till Sunday. You around? Give me a shout, you have my number right?
Amy Sudbury
no questions, just a lot of appreciation and gratitude. as an rsl supporter, i will always support and respect you wherever you are! best of luck.

Emily Williamson
I know you have heard it over and over but you will be missed here. RSL isn't going to be the same anymore. Good luck with NYCFC. I am sure it's nice to be closer to your family again, just don't ever forget about your RSL family.
Eric Gordon Ramsay III
Who wins in tennis you vs dad?
  • Chris Wingert He wins prob 4 of 5 sets still
  • Chris Wingert beat him good the other day tho
  • Eric Gordon Ramsay III When was last time the islanders shut out the Rangers ?
  • Eric Gordon Ramsay III Wow! Beating your dad is a tuff thing to do. Congrats! Ok, here's the question of the day, who would you rather face: your dad in tennis or Fabian Castillo in soccer?
Pete Williams
I see all my soccer questions have been answered. So here's a different one: read any good books lately?
  • Chris Wingert its been a little while! i need a new one! any reco's?
  • Pete Williams: Depends on what you like to read! I have been reading a lot of "Science Fiction Megapacks" on my Kindle lately, which are great if you like SF short stories, because they only cost 99 cents, have 25 short stories in each, and are easily digestible if you're short on time. So, check em out I guess!Also just got done reading "An Army at Dawn," which is a great book about the US Army in the North African campaign, if you dig military stuff.Thanks for the reply and good luck in N.Y! Just not when you're playing us, haha.
Maria Lindsay
I never had the pleasure of meeting you (too shy), but loved cheering @RiOT & tweeting you (mariaelena726). Just want you to know how very much we'll miss you in UT come March & appreciate all the special things you did for us amongst them being an outstanding player!! cry emoticon
  • Chis Wingert: Thanks so much Maria! really appreciate that! See you soon
Eric Gordon Ramsay III
Who's the best tennis player you know?
Nicholas Constantino:
Hey congrats Chris, big fan here. What are you most excited for this upcoming season?
  • Chris Wingert: thanks Nicholas! So many things- playing in yankee stadium, in my hometown, in front of all my friends and family
Miles Dunn:
'Who is the toughest player you've ever had to defend?
  • Chris Wingert: The toughest player to defend 1v1 the past couple seasons is probably fabian castillo
Heidi Reese de Roda:
Are you excited to be back with Kreis?!! Is it still ok if I sport my Real Scarf for you, Ned and Kreis!?
  • Chris Wingert: Yes, I have a ton of respect for Jason, as well as MIles and CJ. really looking fwd to working with them again!
  • Heidi Reese de Roda: My husband and I are excited to follow NYFC since our move to Colonie, NY this past June!
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James E. Harrison:
All long island final,,,tag team.....c wingert vs billy joel...and baldwin bros vs o'reilly......dee snyder entertainment,"we're not gonna "boook" lives!!!!
  • Chris Wingert: I gotta get to one of those BJ concerts at MSG asap!
Noe Castro:
Are u nervous or anxious about playin along side lampard/Villa?
Melissa Jacquez Leatherbury:
The RioT won't be the same without you Chris! You're missed already and the season hasn't started yet! My FAVORITE player though no matter what jersey or colors you wear!
Brittany Michele Houston:
Are you single??
Matthew Vitiello:
Favorite place to eat in NYC?
  • Chris Wingert: oh man, too many to choose from… dos caminos, piccolo angolo, peter lugar's and any pizzeria haha, are a few of my favorites
Danielle Aguilar:
So if one of your fans sees you out and about in NYC, what is your drink of choice if one was to buy you a drink?
  • Chris Wingert: Seltzer water smile emoticon
  • Danielle Aguilar: I guess I would have to buy you some food then since seltzer is free. I don't drink alcohol or soda so water is mine. My money always goes to food!
Brittany Michele Houston:
You will be missed! I always loved going to RSL games just to watch you play. smile emoticon Good luck!
Angi Brown Lewis:
With all of the changes happening to RSL, what is our outlook for the season, from now, and outsider? You will be missed more than you know.
  • Chris Wingert: Thanks Angi! RSL will still be a great team this year. They have too many good veterans not to succeed.
James E. Harrison:
Doyou miss the oak beach inn and led zepelin?
  • Chris Wingert: haha, now i can go to the OBI whenever i want! The Mighty Zep playing on my iPod right now
Christopher Brueggemann:
Favorite place to eat in Babylon?
Ramone Ward:
Chris, hope all is well! As an athlete, what has been your greatest moment in your professional career? Lastly what do you think about the BoomGuard?
  • Chris Wingert: Mony!! Whats happening my man? Some great moments and some devastating ones as well. On a team level winning the Cup in 09 was the best moment. As an individual, getting called in the USMNT. Hope all is well brother!
  • Ramone Ward: I'm doing great! Thanks for the response! Can't wait to come see you play in person!
Peter Barkoff:
Will there be any changes that you'll make to your facial hair and/or haircut when you start the season here in NYC? And if so how do you think that'll effect your style of play?
  • Chris Wingert: I was thinking about going back to the Montero/Wasner 94, but its gonna take me a little while to get the locks going in the back. When you coming to a game my man? Also, might need a check up with Dr Barkoff soon!
  • Peter Barkoff: Now that you're in NYC I'll come to a game with my kids. I'm going leave my wife at home because you're too good looking I'd be nervous letting her meet you. Stop at my office on your way out to your parents
  • Chris Wingert: Ha, says the best looking guy on Commack. will do, be great to catch up
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Christopher Brueggemann:
Where would you like NYCFCs stadium?
Jesse Roberts:
What has been the biggest change so far from RSL to NYFC?
  • Chris Wingert: Well we haven't actually started yet, so hard to say, but living in NYC is very different from living in SLC
Damiano Diliberti:
Will you have time or be able to get involved with local soccer club/ kids? Especially on LI. Just meet and greets or guest training session?
  • Chris Wingert: Absolutely. I just did two appearances - one with a youth club and one at an elementary school- in the past week
Erick Ivan Lopez:
You excited to be playing with David Villa ??
Joe Shannon:
What will you miss most about Utah? Are you stoked for NYCFC vs RSL obmn May 23rd?
Denise Jimenez:
How excited is your family? Give my cousin Steven a hug from me!
John David Ropp:
Why do you think (in general) there is such a disparity between the East and West in MLS, and will the expansion teams help alleviate this?
  • Chris Wingert: Im not sure, I think its just by chance, as you can see in the NBA as well. Not sure if the expansion teams will alter the disparity from the past few years, but i guess we'll find out soon
  • John David Ropp: I miss you already Chris, and I will be rooting for NYCFC in the East. I am sure you are stoked to be back home and I'm looking forward to your Q&As smile emoticon
Julie Johnson:
Are your jerseys available yet? I know one particular fan of yours that would love one to wear when we are cheering you on from Utah(except for when you are playing RSL of course) but even then she will probably be wearing your jersey just the red one!! All the best to you!!
Taylor Hauser:
Already purchased front row seats for your return to Rio Tinto. Excited to see you play for NYCFC. Any thoughts on playing with some of the talent that NYCFC is going to have (Lampard, Villa etc)
  • Chris Wingert: Tahnks Taylor! Im very excited to play with the guys on NYC, especially such great players like Villa and Lampard
  • Chiqui Pelaez:
  • Are you and SeBas TiAn sending me a jersey? On a serious note. How does it feel to be back at home for 2015?
  • Chris Wingert: Cant wait for the season to start! When you coming out?
  • Chiqui Pelaez: Have to plan it maybe during the summer or late in the season
  • Chiqui Pelaez: Good luck man
Jessie Burns:
Are you going to play the same position as you did for RSL?
  • Chris Wingert: still not sure about that. I played all along the back line for RSL over the years, and I would think that will be the same for NYCFC, but we'll see
  • Jessie Burns: Okay I hope you have fun in New York! You will be missed! smile emoticon
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Greg Sleter
Hey Chris. Hope all is well. Expansion seasons can be difficult for teams. But NYCFC is putting together a talented squad. Is challenging for a playoff spot realistic in the team's first season?
  • Chris Wingert: Absolutely its realistic. You never know how the season will play out until you go thru it, but making the playoffs will certainly be a top priority for us
Michael Anderer:
Do you think the fact that the Yankee Stadium field (70x110) being so narrow is being overblown? Do field dimensions impact style of play that much?
  • Chris Wingert: The dimensions and conditions of the field can def have an affect on the game, but as players we can't be too concerned with that, just have focus on what we can control
Jennifer H Chavez:
You will be missed and we will still cheer you on. Good luck in NY.
Jennifer Leo:
What are you most excited for now that you're back in NY?
  • Chris Wingert: Spending more time with my family is number 1. But I'm also super excited to play for NYCFC and live in NYC
Daniel Barlow:
How do you think playing in Yankee stadium will compare with Rio Tinto?
  • Chris Wingert: It will be completely different for obvious reasons, but exciting nonetheless
  • Daniel Barlow: My wife and I big Yankees fans, we are vary excited to watch some soccer in that amazing stadium.
Michael Anderer:
Will playing in NY be easier or harder than playing in Utah? Why?
Timothy Joseph:
What is your take on how the back end and midfield will shake out and how much will Mix help that process?
  • Chris Wingert: Well we still don't have a full roster yet, so we'll see how the rest of the squad comes together over the next few weeks. I think Mix will be a great addition to the team and will help our midfield tremendously
Tom French:
Have you talked to JK about your role with NYC?
  • Chris Wingert: Just briefly, I'm sure we will discuss it further in the next couple weeks
Tara Nichol: What will you miss most about playing in Utah?
  • Chris Wingert: Def the guys on the team and the fans… but besides that, I love Rio Tinto Stadium. The RioT will always feel like home to me
  • Tara Nichol: We will miss you!!! I will still be a fan
Paul T. Chidsey:
Growing up, did you ever think you'd be playing soccer in Yankee Stadium? Congrats on the move!
  • Chris Wingert: Def not! My dad is a massive Yankees fan so it will be cool for him to come see our home games there. Thanks Paul
Chris Wingert:
about to land, so i gotta go. thanks for keeping me company on my flight! talk to you guys soon!
Fatima Nawabi
I will miss seeing you and your smile. Hope to meet my favorite Player soon.
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Really cool that he did that. In the little time I've been following MLS and NYCFC I've noticed they interact a ton with fans on the web. More so than any other league that I've seen. It really does make a difference to help foster a connection to the team and league.
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I stopped by St John the Baptist where he went to high school and spoke to the Athletic Director. He couldn't say enough nice things about Chris. He was willing to stop a basketball game in progress to take a picture if I wanted.

Then I met the current Varsity Soccer Coach who played with Chris in High School. Same thing, nothing but praise. Wingert, despite his success is a humble, down to earth guy.

In my opinion, he is the biggest example of a Kreis player. He has strong character and he plays for the badge on the front, not the name on the back.
Ya, the guy is hands down class. He has some experience in some playoff situations. Seems to he a guy from what I've seen who can handle pressure and doesn't rattle easily. At 32, he will bring some experience and MLS wisdom. Good character also as others have said. Good choice to start a new team.