Copa America 2016/copa Libertadores


May 8, 2014
Sorry if this has been posted before.

Recently it's been announced that the US will be hosting the centennial Copa America in 2016. Bascially the comptetion will be a joint venture between CONMEBOL and CONCACAF.

IMO this merger should have happened years ago. The Copa America has been inviting the US and Mexico for years. Plus the Gold Cup is really not that competitive. Why not just permanently merge the two competitions under the Copa America banner? It'll certainly add to the quality of the competition with the addition of the US/Mexico.

Anyway, it also got me to wonder if it'll be ever possible for MLS clubs joining the Copa Libertadores. I know, logistically, it's a nightmare and MLS clubs haven't even won the CONCACAF champions league so how will they be expected to compete. But let's face it, CONCACAF competitions will never be relevant. Ask Mexican fans if they would rather see their club win the Libertadores or the CL? Or if they would rather see their national team win the Gold Cup or Copa America?

Anyway, I'm rambling on because I'm bored at work lol. Please discuss.