Cosmos Signed Raul According To Spanish Paper


Mar 23, 2014
I know this isn't NYCFC news but thought it was worth mentioning. The guy is older than dirt. Wonder if he has anything left?


MLS transfers:
New York Cosmos have signed Raul according to tomorrow edition of AS!” Good signing. Whitecaps were interested in 2012
A simple google search shows a couple articles from various places mentioning this. How hilarious would this be if we just came in and signed him from right under their nose :D
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He's 37 years old. He's serviceable for the NASL but not MLS. We'll see what kind of attendance boost this gives them.
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Legendary player, but at 37.. Two Cosmos fans that once told me that "MLS is just a retirement league for old Europlayers" will hear about this if it happens.. :D
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As a Raul fan for 20 years, I'm super psyched that it looks like he's coming to New York, but slightly disappointed that it's not to NYCFC. While he's way past his prime, he's had a significant impact on every team he's played for and is a living legend. Any team should consider it an absolute honor to have him wearing their jersey.
I think he has a lot left. He left Schalke only two years ago and he was still one of the best players on the team. Still outstanding touch and goal scoring ability. Everyone wanted him to extend his contract for another year but he departed to Qatar. When I saw him last year in his Farewell Game on Schalke against his Qatari Club he was in a good shape scoring an tremendous goal so I think even by now he could be a help for every MLS team