David Villa To Nycfc?!

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Would be awesome. Very effective. HUGE signing if true
My Spanish RBNY friends are going to be furious. I love it.

I'm more concerned with our central midfield, but if this happens, this is a real, dare I say, "homerun" (Terrible, I know).
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Heres The Google Translation from the Article in Cadena Cope

As he told The Party 12
, the Spaniard will play in Major League Soccer with computer created by Manchester City and the New York Yankees. Xavi, the other objectives of the new club.

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As he told 'The Party of 12' David Villa will play the next season in New York City , created in 2013 by team Manchester City and the New York Yankees and Major League Soccer play. The Spaniard, who is concentrated with the Spanish team preparing the World Cup in Brazil, has played this year with Atletico Madrid, with whom he won the League and has been a finalist in the Champions League.

Villa, top scorer of the team was looking to continue a competitive team but the huge supply of the U.S. team did you decide to leave. Villa earned 5 million euros in Atletico.

The owners of the new club, which will be the second city after New York Cosmos, are building a new stadium and we want to build a great team. were also discussed with Xavi , who will speak with Luis Enrique after the World Cup to try to incorporate it.
If we accept this rumour.. It´s David Villa about now, eventually Xavi after the WC.. So who is the defender we are looking at? Demichellis?
I really hope this is true. I usually hate transfer windows for all the madness it stirs up but this is our reality for nearly a year!
David Villa's contract with Atletico Madrid isn't set to expire until June of 2015. (Source: http://transfermarkt.co.uk/david-villa/profil/spieler/7980)

So if true, how does that work? Are we paying Atletico a transfer fee? Or will David Villa not join until halfway through our first season? I'm not immersed in European football, can players even sign new contracts over a year in advance of their current one expiring?
Everyone knew Lewandowski was going to Bayern pretty early in the season.
The NYCFC mentions are exploding
Better translation (I'm a native Spanish speaker - and Atléti supporter, but that's neither here nor there)

According to the show 'The Game at 12', David Villa will play the next few seasons with New York City, the MLS team founded in 2013 by Manchester City and the New York Yankees. The Asturian, who is currently with the Spanish national team preparing for the World Cup in Brazil, played this past season with Atlético de Madrid, winning the league title and making the finals of the Champions' League.

Villa, the leading scorer for the national team, sought to keep playing with Atlético but the colossal offer from the North American team has convinced him to leave the team. Villa is currently making €5 million with Atlético.

The owners of this new team, the second in the city after the Cosmos, are building a new stadium and want to build a great team. They have also negotiated a potential contract with Xavi, who will discuss his future with [new Barcelona manager] Luis Enrique after the World Cup, with the intention of bringing him on the team.​

At first, since it was Tancredi saying it, I immediately discounted it, because Tancredi makes up a lot of stuff. A lot. But Cadena Cope is legit, so there may be something to it. As for his contract: he'll be available on a free transfer after the 2014/15 season, so any team can sign him then. But his contract has a release clause of some kind, so if City trigger that clause, they could potentially do a short-term loan for the fall, then bring him on in time for the season to begin in 2015.
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