Fifa 14/15


May 3, 2014
Anyone on here play FIFA 14 and/or excited about 15 coming out?

I do, and my current fun project has been to move all MLS and possible expansions (via Creation Centre) to a Euro nation league and take turns running different clubs in the league. Currently I am with Orlando City but I think after this year I might try to sign on with NYCFC, although Lampard has already retired.

Anyone else?
I'm a big FIFA player, but on iOS. I don't have a console, nor would I have the time. FIFA 15 will be the first release that I won't be buying because they ruined it by removing all the great modes, including career, and all you can do now is Ultimate Team, which I just hate. I have no idea what they were thinking.
I have xBox 360 and have been playing FIFA 13. I mostly play career mode, because I don't spend the money for xBox Live, and if that is out of the game, I see no reason to buy FIFA 15
Got a copy preordered for PS4. As per usual, the game hasn't been released yet in Europe...
True. I'm happy now though. After a long but entertaining day at the Eurogamer expo, I came home to see that FIFA 15 has been delivered, so I've now caught up with the rest of you.
Oh yeah im starting a new career. Was only in till July anyway on this one. Thanks for the heads up about transfers.
Got Tefu, Angelino, Pirlo, Lampard and Iraola transferred. Facey not available. If Tefu doesn't sign I'll waive him
BTW I went and downloaded an update, still no Angelino in FIFA 15 for PC. Anyone else have better luck?
Speaking of console versions, my Fifa 15 disc has been throwing "disc unreadable" errors in my XBox 360 for some time now, despite the fact that it appears to be in perfect condition. Attempting to install it to the HDD now to see if that gets around whatever the problem is.

Well that's just great.