Great Stand Up Comedians.

Bill Burr and Louis CK. Both have a ton of material on Netflix. Louis also has great show called "Louie".
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Not stand up, but Mr. Show with Bob and Dave is my all time favorite sketch comedy.
Oh man. What a fantastic show. The Mt Everest Expedition skit was so retarded that it started edging on brilliant. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

Everythig Bob Odenkirk and David Cross touch are gold. Including the original Tenacious D skits!

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Billy Connolly
Craig Ferguson (Much more then a mere late night host)
Eddie Izzard
Robin Williams (back when he was on coke)
George Carlin
Sam Kinison
Chris Titus
The list can go on and on...
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So many favorites for me; Eddie Murphy (see Delirious, Raw), Dave Chappelle, Mitch Hedberg, Louis CK, Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan. Hope he recovers soon.
What's wrong with Bernard Manning ? Can't believe he hasn't been suggested in such an ethnically diverse and open minded city such as New York :)

Seriously Tommy Tiernan
I went to the Edinburgh Fringe festival last year and saw Marcus Brigstocke live, and he absolutely killed it. Probably the best act I've ever seen.

Aside from him, I've got to agree with Bill Bailey. I honestly think that he is almost genius-level in his musical ability - it's not just that he can play such a wide variety of instruments, but the way that he understands the theory of music so well that he can turn just about any piece of music into a joke, and any joke into a piece of music, is just astounding. It takes a very gifted comedian to write scripts as funny as his, but to write them while blending it all in with musical skits which are just as funny is an incredible talent.

Sorry to all the non-British people here, as I'm not sure either of the above have had any exposure outside of the UK. However, if you haven't heard of them then I thoroughly encourage you to find them on Youtube and see what you think.
If you know the hokey cokey, this is hilarious, if not applologies... great call falastur
How has no one mentioned Wanda Sykes and Larry the Cable Guy??? Or Bill Engvall, Kevin Hart, Jeff Dunham! I'm ashamed.