Greetings From Gravesend

Scott McCarthy

Seasoned Supporter
May 22, 2014
Hey Guys,

The name is Scott, and I am originally from Broad Channel, Queens and have lived in Brooklyn for about a decade. I am a huge NYC sports fan, and I cant wait for 2015!
Welcome Scott! Thanks for joining. Lots of big things happening for the club, so there's plenty of interesting discussions going on. Feel free to join in on any or start your own.
I've been a fan since day one, and season ticket holder since the first minute they went on sale. I have been keeping up with everything, just felt like it was time to jump in and participate. The Third Rail family is going to be great.
Give NYCFC_Dan NYCFC_Dan a shout (by private message) with a copy of your season ticket receipt (blank out the personal bits if you want) and you can get yourself set up with Seasoned Supporter status.
Yup, just shoot me a message with a screen shot and I'll get you set-up!
Welcome to the forums!