Greetings From Queens

Dark Phoneix

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Jul 15, 2014
New York
Hey my name is Paul, I live in College Point and I'm a Mets, Jets, Nets and Devils fan (I'm a sadist I know lol). Just got into the MLS this season after I got addicted to the world cup and plan watching some EPL coming August.
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Not sure what that is although it is kind of funny. Could be worse I could be an Islanders fan, although it sounds like Wang might finally sell the team and the end Islander fans long nightmare.

It's from an Episode of Seinfeld, where Putty is a die hard over the top Devils fan. and scares the crap out of a priest (in the scene above) lol
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The Brooklyn Cyclones had a Seinfeld day and had the soup Nazi through out the first pitch and Keith Hernandez naturally spent the next Mets game talking about it

Yeah, the team also wore puffy shirts during batting practice, any mail carriers in uniform got in for free....they had a Keith Hernandez Magic Luggie Bobblehead. lol I live not to far from MCU Park, grew up in The Rockaways and moved to Brooklyn about 9 years ago.