Hamburg Might Get Relegated - Let's Raid Em

Lmao jumping the Gun there eh? But yeah they will most likely get relegated. Nurnburg is not Beating Schalke.

I do like Van der Vaart though, but I'd doubt he'd come to the MLS
I merely posted this as a way to get a conversation going. I think there are a lot of unrealistic names being thrown around but I saw some names on Hamburg that, I think, could be realistic and I was curious what others thought. I wanted to see if anyone could throw out some lower-profile, solid players in their 20's or very early 30's willing to come over.
Van der Vaart just has a bad character. He's the Captain of this team but he never even tried to be the leader in this tough situation. He might be a good player but don't trust on him when things are not going well.
But NYCFC could have a slim chance to get him. Hamburg reportedly wants to get rid of him because of their bad finacial situation and his high wages. If Reyna would be ready to overpay him to meet his demands this could be a realistic move
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