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Mar 17, 2014
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I'd like to thank Matt for taking the time out to do this for us. I can speak on behalf of NYCFC Supporters the social interaction by the club and players has made a huge impact in growing this fan base and making us feel like a part of the team and bringing us closer in general. So again, thank you for answering our questions.

Matthew Dunn
Twitter - https://twitter.com/matthewdunnm

Hey Guys,
Thank you so much for the tips. You have really made me feel welcome here in New York City. I can’t thank you enough for that.

Q - No matter the profession we all have to start somewhere. What is it that got you into soccer and at what point did you realize this is something you wanted to do professionally?
My father got me into soccer. It is his favorite sport. Playing professionally is something I always dreamed of, but I think I thought about it realistically when I made the national team for the first time.

Q [Kun] - Who was your role model growing up/who do you model your performance on?
On the field, my role models were and are Paul Scholes and Xavi Hernandez. I have grown to love Cesc Fabergas as well.

Q [Espovino] - As a young player what was it like when you played your first game in front of a large group of fans?
In a word, Exhilarating! There is nothing you can compare to your first game in front of a large crowd. The crowd can breathe life into a game.

Q - So, Matthew Dunn - Midfielder - a position you've always played and favored or one you've adapted to?
I have played every position in my life, but midfield has been the one I played most. It is also my favorite, but scoring goals can be fun too.

Q - [Tom In Fairfield CT] - Where are you most comfortable in the Midfield and where do you see yourself fitting in with the team?
I think it depends on the formation. I am most accustomed to playing center mid, however, I feel comfortable playing any role in the midfield. As far as where I fit in, that is coach’s decision, and again, probably depends on our formation.

Q [Nicholas Constantino] - What was it like to make a decision whether or not to stay in college or go to the professional level?
It was an easy decision for me. Playing professionally has always been my dream. However, I think if I wasn’t a freshman, and close to finishing my degree, that it would have been more difficult.

Q - You're a young player but have already gained great experience playing on USMNT U17/U18 and in Serbia, Germany and Chivas USA. What comes to mind looking back at your career thus far?
I can’t believe I am 21. I feel like I should be 30 with all the moving and clubs I have played for. I am very blessed to have experienced the world at such a young age.

Q [SayWhat44] - What made you make the move to Grasshopper? How was your experience moving overseas at such a young age? Do you have family in Europe?
Grasshopper’s has a great academy. It was a good opportunity for me to improve as a player and that is ultimately why I made the move. My experience overseas was tough at first; I was 13 or 14 when I moved to Zurich. I had a lot of life lessons to learn at that age, but am thankful for the tough lessons I learned. They have shaped me into the person I am today. I have no personal family in Europe, but there were always people who supported me wherever I went. They made life easier, and harder sometimes. You didn’t always want to listen to adults as a teenager, but they kept me grounded. My personal family was always very supportive of me too, and visited often. It was tough at times, but I have experiences most people will never have. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
Q - Speaking of looking back, most memorable moment you've had playing. Be it a goal, game, etc.
The easy answer is my first professional game. It probably was my most memorable moment. Having said that, one of my best soccer memories is the first time I played pick up in Serbia. It was with a group of people in the community that I didn’t know, and could hardly communicate with due to the language barrier. However, the guys on my team and I quickly created a strong bond and played next to each other, not as strangers, but as teammates. That’s why I loved it so much, because anybody can play this game and experience it the same way I do.

Q [forfalskning] - Best MLS midfielder you've played against? ...And how long do you think it will take for the MLS to be a top 5 league if ever?
Beckerman or Alonso. They are really good on both sides of the ball. I think the MLS has the potential to be a top 5 league in the future. However, there are a lot of growing pains to go through before the league reaches that point.

Q [Einwindir] - How was your time with Chivas USA? Any lasting memories you would like to share? Was there a shift in morale after the announcement to dissolve Chivas USA? Was it something you and the team knew was going to happen well in advance?
My time with Chivas USA was awesome. I was surrounded by a lot of good people. Lasting memories… I think my best memory was getting my first start in Seattle. The atmosphere there was unbelievable, and it was a very tight game that we almost won. The announcement to dissolve the club obviously affected everybody, but the team was very professional, and we finished the season strong. I really think that attests to the character of the players and staff at the club. We never knew the club was going to dissolve in advance, but the feeling that it would was always lingering.

Q [Scott McCarthy] - With Chivas USA and NYC FC both having ownerships with more established franchises elsewhere, and having already played in that type of situation, what are your thoughts and concerns or things you may see that the fan does not, that differentiates the situations?
First and foremost, I think people need to understand that we function as a separate entity from our sister clubs. We compete in different leagues; have completely different squads, and a different staff. Other than our ownership group, and possibly our Jersey, I don’t find that there are a lot of similarities other than we are professional soccer clubs. Personally, I think its great that we have the same ownership Group as Manchester City. They have brought a lot of success to that club, and I see no reason why they cant do the same here in New York.

Q [BlueWarrior] - Where were you when you found out you were coming to nycfc?
I was on the beach in Maui.

Q [Ahab-Flanders] - How does it feel to be working with an MLS Cup winning coach in Jason Kreis? Have you had much opportunity to speak with him since joining the team?
I have spoken to him on the phone and via email, and am very excited to play for him. Everything I have heard about Coach Kreis portrays that he is a great student of the game. I think there is a lot I can learn from him and I am very excited about that.

Q - Coming to NYCFC who are you most excited to train and play alongside with?
Even though there are superstars on this team, I am excited to play with all of my teammates. They all have something incredible to offer.

Q [Kjbert] - What do you think your role on this team will be?
Honestly, I don’t know. That is for the coach to decide.

Q [LostAnvil] - What are your thoughts about playing at Yankee Stadium?
I think its Awesome. When you consider how many people dream of playing in Yankee Stadium, it really puts into perspective for yourself. It’s a privilege to play there.

Q [KevinL] - Because of the fact that New York City FC is an entirely new team, how do you foresee the club taking steps to build chemistry between the players?
I think the coaches will throw challenges at the team that will require us to rely on one another to over come, rather that be on the field, or in a team building activity.

Q [MikeDatTiger] - How much contact have you had with your NYCFC teammates so far? Thoughts on the group meshing so far?
I haven’t been around my teammates this offseason as I was spending time with my family. However, from what I know of the guys on the team, I think the coaches picked a team with a lot of character. As a team, I think we will gel quickly, and well.

Q [Enemigo] - How do you believe NYCFC will stack up against the other teams?
Expansion teams have a history of doing poorly in their first season. However, I think we can break that mold and be one of the best teams in the East.

Q [Paul] - What are your expectations/goals for this season both personally and for the team as a whole?
Personally, my goal is to improve my game everyday. For the team, I think the goal should be to make the playoffs. I believe we have the quality and staff to do so.

Q [Cardinal511] - What is one thing, both good and bad, about being a professional soccer player that most fans wouldn't know/expect?
One of the coolest things is the camaraderie with teammates. The hardest part is the mental toughness aspect of the game. By that I mean, playing with injuries, going to training when your exhausted, and performing at the highest level everyday. It’s a grind but you have to be tough and find a way to get through it.

Q [Golazo] - What do you think about MLS being called a "retirement league" and opinion on players like Villa, Kaka coming over here to play, is it helping the league or hurting the league.
To have players like Kaka and Villa who have won the World Cup and Champions League, are definitely beneficial for the league. I don’t think this is a retirement league at all. Every league has players that retire. Beckham retired in France. Would you call that a retirement league?

Q [KnitterSupremo] - Do you have a nickname or any Tifos you would like to see us use?
Most people call me Dunny.

Q - What do you want NYCFC supporters to take away from or know about Matthew Dunn?
I have a twin a brother.
I speak German almost fluently, a little Serbian.
I was born in Boulder, Colorado. However, I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee Y’ALL.
I love music, and am a great singer. Not really, but I like to sing anyways.
I love Spicy food.
This is starting to seem like a dating profile… by the way I am single.
Also, I couldn’t be happier than to be playing in front of all of you. Lets make this a great season.
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Great questions, and great answers. I'm glad he gave more than the one sentence answers you often see in player interviews. He seems like a decent guy, and those are the best to root for. I'd love to see more interviews in the future.

Are you guys considering submitting this to any blogs for wider circulation?
Great questions, and great answers. I'm glad he gave more than the one sentence answers you often see in player interviews. He seems like a decent guy, and those are the best to root for. I'd love to see more interviews in the future.

Are you guys considering submitting this to any blogs for wider circulation?
We haven't and I don't believe there is anything in motion for that either. However, feel free to link the Q&A to anyone you feel may be interested.
The perfect chant for him would be..
To the tune of the City chant
How about the same chant, but to the tune of Jaws?

Edit: Now with 100% more tifo.

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"Beckham retired in France. Would you call that a retirement league?"

I'm glad he answered my question like that. There are a lot of people and a lot of media that call MLS a "retirement league", I wanted to know what an actually player has to say about it. I agree with his answer. Although I've never followed any MLS team in the past I have attended games and watched many more, it's a very physical league. Thanks Dan for putting my question in there also. Dunny gets a +1.