Hello From Philly


May 29, 2014
Los Angeles
Been around the last few days so I figured I should finally make one of these.

I'm currently living in Philly for college, but my family is from the Bay Ridge area. So naturally I've supported NY teams my entire life(Mets, Jets, Rangers). I've been a soccer fan since I could walk. My dad grew up in Scotland as a teenager so that's how he fell in love with the game. And then he in turn passed his fanaticism on to me.

I've been following MLS casually for awhile now, and have been waiting for a better team to represent NYC for just as long. So when I first heard rumors of a NY2 I told myself I would just finally give in and support them. Even if it ended up being the Cosmos. *shudder* :oops:

Thankfully it wasn't the Cosmos, and here I am.

Besides NYCFC, I also support AS Roma over in Italy. Not particularly a MCFC fan but I have a feeling I'll have a strong bias towards them now with their link to this team.
Just because you like a girl you don´t have to date her mum.. Welcome anyway ;)

Really? I wish someone would have told me that when I was in high school....my girls mom was everywhere we went, it was like that Old Spice ad LOL

Anyway before I get to far off target, welcome aboard...bring some Tony Lukes, Genos and Pats up with you! :)