Hi From St. Louis


Dec 9, 2014
Hello! As you are surely aware, we do not have an MLS team in the STL, so when I heard Manchester City was partnering with the Yankees (ewwwww) to start a club, I was immediately intrigued.

Some background, I'm a massive City fan, and have been since before the big money ;). I'm 20 years old, and my earliest memories of watching soccer are of a young Shaun Wright Phillips blazing up and down the wing for City. I was introduced to the game by my English grandfather, with whom I woke up at 6 am almost every Saturday to watch the early EPL game. He was a diehard Wolves supporter, so he naturally was disappointed when I took a liking to Man City.

Anyway, my English blood guarantees I'll be loyal to the club. I like our signings so far and am excited to see what the expansion draft brings tomorrow.
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