Home Opener Single Ticket Presale For Sth's


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May 19, 2014
A limited number of tickets for New York City FC's historic home opener have been made available. As a Founding Member, you will receive the first opportunity to purchase these tickets through an exclusive presale.

Your presale begins on Wednesday, February 4 at 12:00 PM EDT.
Please note: Each code may only be used to complete one transaction. You will be asked to setup a Ticketmaster account if you haven't already done so. There is an eight (8) ticket limit for this presale. If you would like to purchase more tickets, please call 855-77-NYCFC.
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I'm checking around with my friends, but it is possible that I may not use my code. If I do not, I will gladly share it with an active member on here who would like a crack at this presale. I will update this thread tomorrow. If anyone else is not going to use the code, it would be nice to share with people here, but don't post it. Send it via PM.
I'll be using mine to get tix for friends that don't have ST's
It is very plausible that this could be the first game ever for the club.
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If anyone is kind enough to share the code please let me know, season tix didnt make sense for me but definitely looking to go to home opener and a handful of other games when i can, thanks
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Why? Was the 3/8 match in Orlando postponed?
The CBA has not been signed yet. I would assume if they don't get it signed by a certain date, they may postpone some games. Hopefully not, seeing as all clubs are currently in training, they would not have to push things back too far if they reach an agreement in time.
Does anyone know when tickets will go on sale for non season ticket holders?
As far as I know the date is not set yet but I heard it would be early February so I am thinking pretty soon.
A friendly word of caution to those lending out their presale password.
There is a good chance this will be your password/code to be used for all presale purchases on your account, including friendlies and playoff tickets throughout the year.
For a fact, this is the case with my Yankee tickets as I have had the same code for whole seasons.
They may offer a one time code but that has not been my experience with ticketmaster.
Something to look into maybe?
It does say in the email to feel free to forward to a friend so I don't think they'd do this if that's the case.
Made me double check there. 12 PM not 12 AM
Yeah I just copied what they posted on ticket master .
Does anyone else find it kind of funny that as a founding member you get the privilege of first grab of tickets but if you are a founding member you have season tickets.
It does say in the email to feel free to forward to a friend so I don't think they'd do this if that's the case.

It also states in the note at the bottom that the code can only be used to complete one transaction.