I'm Mike

Mike Krzysko

Mar 23, 2014
Hey NYCFC fans!

I am Mike, a 20 y/o student at Fordham University in the Bronx. I've followed MCFC since the mid-2000s and am very excited that they will be putting a team in NYC. I had somewhat of an attachment to DCU in MLS (I grew up in the DC/Baltimore metro area), but things changed after the NYCFC announcement. I'm hoping to stay and live in New York for work so I plan on hopping on the NYCFC ship from the very beginning.
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Hey Mike! Great to have you here buddy!
It's pretty exciting to be part of something this big from the beginning!
Oh crap. Looks like the GRU bots have taken over Shwafta's account or maybe Shwafta himself...

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