Jason Hernandez [Defender]


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Mar 19, 2014
Queens, NY
Name: Jason Hernandez
Joined Club: 12/11/2014
Position: Defender
Number: 2 (21 until 07/06/2015)

Acquired via Expansion Draft from San Jose Earthquakes - 3rd selection

MLS Stats: http://www.mlssoccer.com/players/jason-hernandez
Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Hernandez

Twitter: https://twitter.com/J_Hernandez_21

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Met a Quakes fan in my section that flew in just to see Jason play. There was also a group that I saw in the stadium and on instagram that printed a big photo of Jason. Very cool that he matters that much to people.
Good defender. I like how hes from NYC. Good to have local talent on the team (Meara Wingert etc)
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He's a solid smart defender. Good pickup for NYCFC. I can imagine John might steal his minutes if he ever gets healthy.
Wouldn't John play next to Jason and move Chris Wingert out to left back?
Perhaps. But both John and Hernandez are your typical stay-at-home CBs. I would imagine NYCFC would want 1 stay, 1 goes up type of game plan. One reason why I think Mendoza will get into the XI sometime soon. If this is so it becomes Hernandez vs John. But I'm not sure I expect John back this season so it's not much to debate.
How this man was So Happy to welcome my Andrea when that meant he'd be forced to give up his original 21 shows what character he has !! On the funny side he does a marvelous impression of Andrea in the 20 questions!