Major Announcement - Player Signing


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
I ask that anyone that can make this does! Let's show not just the city but MLS and the football world that NYC IS a place that football can succeed and grow!
This is our first opportunity to come out in force and represent our club! Hope to see tons of pictures and videos!

There are very few times that I wish I was unemployed. This is one of them. Can't wait to hear about our newest player!!!

Take the day off! :) I'm going to try and make it out myself.
I'm thinking of going. But the ride out there is about an hour and twenty from me. Any other CT fans want to make the trip? I'll drive....
Damn, wish I could get out of work. This is just a bad time to slip out. If it was around lunch time I'd be there. Have fun folks, and represent for all of us. Show them that we're legit.
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