Mix Poetry Thread

Tom in Fairfield CT

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Jul 16, 2014
In honor of our newest signing, let's see what the forum can come up with in Mix's favorite literary vehicle, poetry:

Mix in NYC.
Who is the most excited?
Third Rail or teenage girls?

We know that a baseball field's not ideal,
Our kit is a copy and Franks's deal got repealed,
But, who cares? We got Mix,
The other problems we can fix,
And the rest of the league can suck Norwegian eel
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Even after all his tricks
We've landed Mr. Mix
He was rumored to have signed somewhere south
Until the truth came from his mouth
We will see him score with ninja kicks
We welcome you... Mr. Mix
This is the saga of Mix Diskerud
and his transfer to New York City.
He flirted with Portland, Columbus he wooed,
but turned on them both, what a pity!

Some on /r/MLS thought it quite rude,
when Mix went and left them all dizzy.
His tweets, games and poetry they thought crude,
but his hair, they admitted, was pretty.

The rumors resumed, to New York they'd allude,
and Mix thought that Kreis sounded nifty.
So he donned his best cap--NY Yankees, sky blue--
ha det Norge, hallo New York City!
All hail Mixias with the flowing mane,
Shall his magical touch transform our game!
Saviour of the city that got frankly fu... robbed,
He brought back the joy, let's rejoyce to the gods!
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