Nycfc First Signing Announced Soon!

Lead anyone else to believe that it will be someone who is currently out of contract?
Maybe someone who is playing a friendly in the NYC area in the next few weeks...
Don't think it will be a reserve. The name will carry some weight. At least that's what I'm hoping for.
Transfer window hasn't opened yet in Europe right? Unless it's someone out of contract then I don't think we're going to hear anything until July maybe.
It´s from he interview with Khaldoon (CFG Chairman) so it´s legit.. Question is WHO :cool:
Better be something that makes me go

This is who plays in the NYC area in the relative near future:

Man City

Sorry if I missed any - but speculate from those teams - some decent options
Just looked at a list of free players this summer - Xabi Alonso, Samuel Eto'O, Robert Lewandowski
In particular as NYCFC stated in the last meet up that Kreis wanted to build from the backline..?

At a guess.. Demichellis
Iker Casillas. After losing his starting job for Real he might want to make a move?