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Mar 23, 2014
Thread is to keep tabs on mostly important tweets about NYCFC on twitter. Perhaps for the twitterless or for the discussion. I would have posted it in the "media" thread but volume of posts would probably dilute that thread.

ESPN writer, Doug McIntyre
Fox Soccer Editor, Kyle McCarthy
Sports Illustrated Senior Writer, Grant Wahl
Sports Illustrated writer, Brian Straus
DCU writer for, Pablo Maurer
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Are we the most popular MLS club on the interwebz?
What was the original tweet in question that everyone is getting all up in arms over?
Hey everyone, first post, but I've been following the club since it's inception and this thread is spot on.

Does anyone here feel alienated? Are there really flag burning, season ticket ripping mobs out there?

I'm not sure there are. People may have a bad taste in their mouth about the Frank Lampard fiasco which is understandable, but the amount of negative press that is being seemingly created out of thin air is astounding.

The only concern I have is the possibility that these aren't one off mistakes and that it will extend into our dealings with the city for a new stadium site. Let's just hope that isn't the case.

The Chivas comparisons so far have been ridiculous.