NYCFC Supporter from Ohio

Kyle Anthony

Mar 23, 2014
I'm Kyle. I was born in Nyack, NY before my parents moved to the small town of Elida, OH. I was raised a huge Yankees fan and will continue that tradition with my children as well. That is how I first heard of NYCFC. I was never a big soccer fan until college. I think it was mostly due to the fact that my high school sucked at soccer and it was never a fun experience. But college made me a huge soccer fan. I went to school near Chicago and went to a Fire game but was never really a fan. Then I heard about the New York City Football Club and I knew that this was the team I was going to get behind.

All my friends here think I'm crazy because I live in Ohio and I don't support any Ohio teams (except my High school alma mater) but I'm not ashamed to be a Yankees fan and an NYCFC supporter!