NYCFC Tier List - Defenders & Goalies

We’ve seen tier lists for all different types of things, we thought it’d be cool to bring one to the NYCFC community. So, we created one, this is our first round of NYCFC Tier Lists! We’ll have 2 more rounds coming out for midfielders and then attackers soon, so stay posted for that. - This is a list of all defenders & goalies that have ever logged minutes with the club!

Rank them by who you think is best, or who your favorite players were/are, or just however you’d like to. If you haven't done one before, it does seem easier to do on the computer, just a tip! Leave images below of your lists and how you've ranked your players! We'd love to see how some of you guys rank the players.

We'll be tossing up pictures of our final tiers soon, as soon as we can come to agreement about who fits where.

We sourced the list from Wikipedia & pictures from Google then threw some text over them for some of those not as well known players. (For anyone that caught the original posts on Twitter or Reddit earlier today, we realized there was a problem with some duplicate in the list. We removed those issues and added the new link to this post.)
The only correct answer is Ben Sweat on the bottom by himself.

Also Iraola should have been with the midfielders.
Posted our 9th Episode yesterday & it included a review of all of the tier lists we received. Got both from the thread up there. Here's a link to the standalone clip of just the tier list reviews.

We should have the midfielders tier list out soon, we'll let you know when!
my tier list was a mix of warm heartedness towards some players and on the other hand the potential.

I put Saad Abdul-Salaam higher because I thought when he did play for us (whcih was very little...) he did pretty well, but he's just been good all-around at other clubs he's been at.

I do admit that some players in my tier list might be a bit high/low, but hey what can I say, opinions :)
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