Nycfc V St Mirren


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
All discussion pertaining to the friendly game played on 02/10 at 2:00 pm Est.
Talk formation, lineup and so on.
Since this is a friendly will each team get 6 subs?
From some reading on the St. Mirren forums they are experiencing some difficulties right now. Fighting relegation, coach, and lack of talent/depth within the squad.
Unfortunately I won't be home and able to watch until 3:20ish, so i'll miss most of it :(
I'm sure they'll also have a good highlight package following the game. Won't give you much of an idea as far as positioning but would more than likely showcase the more exciting moments.
Tomorrow is going to be sweet. Kids will be in school, wife at work, Liverpool-Spurs on tv and NYCFC online.

The only thing that could make it better would be if the weather was warmer, so I could sit out in the screenhouse and watch with a six pack and a cigar. Too damn bad we're in the middle of February.
Can't believe it's finally here. Almost doesn't feel real. Can't wait. I'll be watching from my desk at work. Better than nothing I guess.

Let's go NYC!
It might be archived for weeks or months im glad it will be streaming on Sunday as well. By the way if anyone is expecting a ticket in the post I ordered shortly after midnight (last week) and it arrived the next day. Someone said it would be sold out but surely that's not the case? Last week I could only see one block at a time and two overall. I'm hoping it isn't sold out so can sit more or less wherever (at least within one stand) It should have been unreserved seating.
Can't wait! I'll be watching during my comunte into work...I'll probably won't be able to see most of the second half live either.
Really wish I had a British professor who would be more understanding that I have to watch the match during class. American professors just don't get soccer yet. They get March Madness though.
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