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Mar 17, 2014
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Let's keep the EUFA CL Discussion to this thread and organized. Really competitive draw. Some tough groups. Not just because I'm a city fan it's pretty much agreed upon by everyone... Group E is group of death. Chelsea got a cake draw.. What's new.
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Arsenal have a pretty tough group. As you say, though, Chelsea and Liverpool have been given absolute cakewalks. Total pushover. I see it's City's turn to get their fans stabbed in Rome, too.
I think Arsenals group is a bit tough to be honest. Galatasaray and Dortmund won't be pushovers. Especially since Arsenal are having trouble scoring.
Yeah can't deny the power of Zlatan. Overall it's a great draw. Looking forward to a lot of games.
Groups E & F are very tough. Going to be fun watching those matches.
I think City got a very hard group but I see them and Bayern making it though. CSKA are decent it's just tough going to Russia. Roma are good but not as good as City. They were pretty much the team I wanted the least out of that pot though.
Hey, there's a surprise. Robben enters the match and the 1st time he enters the area he flops to the ground. What a piece of shit. It's a shame that such an exciting player is allowed to get away with that crap without repercussion.
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I was at this match (the City one). Rumours abounded that only 1500 of us would be there. It was more like 3,000.

That last minute deflected goal was a real killer, but we left with our heads held high. This was no Bayern of a season or two ago, they are very much beatable. Our problem was not pushing enough, and Milner should have started from the get-go.

That said, the ref was fucking horrific. One should not blame the ref for a defeat, but neither can one ignore his utter incompetence. 12 v 11 will always be a struggle.
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