Possible Shirt Designs


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Mar 17, 2014
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I'll keep this thread updates with new concepts. If we decide to print something we will post links with ANY and ALL proceeds going towards NYCFC Supporters Group and the users on this site.
Please feel free to suggest alterations.

Designs by @Przemek Michalowicz




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It's funny. In the beginning, I hated the orange and the fact that people wanted it so prominently in their designs, kits, colors, flags, etc...

Now when I see something without it, I feel like it's missing something. So I absolutely love the pentagon with the orange trim. I don't think orange should be a primary color, but I think we lose some steam without it. I think the orange is what makes us NYCFC.
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I'm loving the first design, but try and incorporate different shirt colors with different fonts maybe? idk just an idea
They're great. That guy's done a fantastic job.

The only one I'm not so keen on it the crescent moon type ones. Seem a bit Dreamworks to me.
How about incorporating some orange?

I also like the top left hand shirt out of the 4 pictured.